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Is a pescatarian diet healthy?

Most people will know what a pescatarian diet is, but for those who are not sure, it boils down to following a diet of plant-based foods but adding various fish and seafood to it.

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How can we be sure about sugar?

The jargon used on labels regarding sugar can be very confusing. Labels often contain the words ‘no added sugar’, or ‘unsweetened’. However, our brains will immediately think that these products are sugar-free and healthy to purchase. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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Do I Have a Thyroid Problem?

Among common health complaints, issues with the thyroid can be difficult to identify. The symptoms are subtle and easily confused with other ailments. In fact, it’s easy to write off many of the warning signs as side effects of a busy life in the 21st Century.

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Can Energy Levels be Affected by Food Intolerances?

Food allergies have a range of negative impacts on the human body. Some symptoms are obvious, such as struggles with the respiratory tract and outbreaks of acne and hives on the skin. Others are more subtle and nefarious, such as a drop in energy levels. These are more likely linked to a food intolerance.

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How a Poor Diet Can Lead to Prediabetes

Most of us are aware of diabetes, but aside from knowing that it’s something to do with blood sugar levels and insulin, it can be confusing understanding the different types and what might put us at risk of developing the condition.

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Red Meat: Is it Healthy or Not?

Not much divides opinion like the diet we choose to follow, especially so whether or not we choose to eat meat. Some staunch carnivores argue that we need to eat meat to survive whilst committed vegans argue that we don’t need to eat any animal products at all. Then there’s those in the middle of … Continued

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