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Give your gut a holiday

The saying ‘cast-iron stomach’, really is misleading. At some point, most of us need a tummy overhaul, usually due to over-indulgence during holiday periods.

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Signs You May Have a Food Intolerance 

Physical reactions to foods are common. While food allergies account for some of these reactions, the majority are caused by a food intolerance (also known as food sensitivity). The symptoms for both are similar, which can cause confusion.

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Is Juice Cleansing a Safe Diet Choice?

Let’s look at the popular choice of juice cleansing. The idea behind this diet is that if you’re not consuming solids, you’re barely consuming any calories. In addition, juice cleansing floods your body with all the nutrients found in fresh vegetables. That is sound logic, on paper – but is it safe?

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What To Eat Before You Workout

Whether you work out in the morning before you head off to work, or you enjoy an evening session with a class full of likeminded people, your pre workout nutrition is key.

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What is a healthy diet?

Maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet will not only keep you in top physical condition but will also be an important aid to your mental health.

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Vegetarian – Summer BBQ

As a vegetarian, however, these lovely summer occasions are very often something to cheer, but can also be something to fear. Our carnivore colleagues have no problem slapping beef burgers and pork sausages on the BBQ to get things going.

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What to Eat Before the Daily Commute to Work

Many of us are up at the crack of dawn ready for the commute to work. Whether the kids have got us up before the alarm or we just continue the habitual routine of stomping downstairs like something out of ‘The Walking Dead’; either way, like the characters from the box office hit, we are usually in search for something to eat.

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Understanding Oral Allergy Syndrome

Oral allergy syndrome, or OAS, is a condition that’s thought to affect around 10% of the nation. Sufferers experience allergic symptoms after eating certain foods that contain pollen proteins similar to the ones that cause their hayfever.

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