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Is a pescatarian diet healthy?

Most people will know what a pescatarian diet is, but for those who are not sure, it boils down to following a diet of plant-based foods but adding various fish and seafood to it.

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How can we be sure about sugar?

The jargon used on labels regarding sugar can be very confusing. Labels often contain the words ‘no added sugar’, or ‘unsweetened’. However, our brains will immediately think that these products are sugar-free and healthy to purchase. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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How a Poor Diet Can Lead to Prediabetes

Most of us are aware of diabetes, but aside from knowing that it’s something to do with blood sugar levels and insulin, it can be confusing understanding the different types and what might put us at risk of developing the condition.

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Red Meat: Is it Healthy or Not?

Not much divides opinion like the diet we choose to follow, especially so whether or not we choose to eat meat. Some staunch carnivores argue that we need to eat meat to survive whilst committed vegans argue that we don’t need to eat any animal products at all. Then there’s those in the middle of … Continued

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Do We Really Need Nutritional Supplements?

It’s a question many of are confused by – do we really need to take a vitamin supplement or can we get all we need by eating a healthy diet? Are they all a marketing ploy or could we all do with an extra nutritional boost?

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The Importance of Dietary Protein

Protein, along with carbohydrate and fat, is a macronutrient. (As opposed to the vitamins and minerals, which are micronutrients.) It’s an essential element of our diet as protein is present in every single one of our cells.

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