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What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

Bioresonance therapy and testing is categorised as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This is a diverse group of therapies, practices and products, which fall outside of conventional medicine or healthcare. A complementary therapy is used alongside conventional medicine or treatment, whilst alternative therapy is used in place of conventional medicine or treatment. Some therapies or practices could be used as either complementary or alternative; it depends on whether it is combined with conventional medicine alongside or not. Other therapies and practices, which are considered complementary and alternative medicine:
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Homeopathy
  • Massage therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Osteopathy
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
Whilst there is certainly scientific evidence in support of some CAM treatments there are others, which lack well-designed scientific studies and therefore questions around efficacy remain.

Finding Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners

When using complementary and alternative medicine it is important that you look for a practitioner who is registered with a regulatory body for their field of expertise. If you think you have a health condition always seek advice from your doctor first. The NHS and CAMs:

Research Papers

A growing number of people are discovering the benefits of bioresonance therapy. Although there is a lack of sufficient clinical papers, below is a selection of research papers intended to educate and inform about the efficacy of bioresonance. Please remember, if you are seriously ill or believe you have a medical condition, we advise you to consult with your doctor immediately. Are there evidence-based studies on the efficacy of bioresonance therapy? The worldwide increase in intolerances The future of medicine – From blood-letting to genetic engineering A Base Evidence Study of Obesity The link between diet and allergies Bio-Resonance Therapy for Hay Fever & Allergies Different cases 2007 M Bio-Resonance Therapy for Skin Problems Yasser, Radionic research 21-2-2005 Biophysics and biochemistry New Dimension for Energy Medicine In Hopeless Cases Nutritional and Bioresonance Medicine Bioresonance therapy of rheumatoid arthritis and heat shock proteins Role M.A.R.S.III Bioresonance Device In Oligospermia Bioresonance, testing, therapy and energy medicine Medical acupuncture in Germany: patterns of consumerism among physicians and patients Energy Medicine and Oligospermia Clinical Studies And Observations On The Efficacy Of Bioresonance Therapy Bioresonance A Wise Technology Energy Therapy By M.A.R.S.III Radionic Device Effects On The Organic Biochemical Tests Of Patients Bio-Resonance Treatment Device Desensitization Asthma Evidence for the Efficacy of a Bioresonance Method in Smoking Cessation Bio-Resonance Therapy for Digestive Disorders Effectiveness of Energetic Physiology Bioresonance Nutritional and Bioresonance Medicine Clinical Studies And Observations On The Efficacy Of Bioresonance Therapy The Future of Medicine
If you have been in France within 10 days of entering England, you must have a booking for both a Day 2 and a Day 8 test.