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How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?

In a list of the nutrients most fundamental to human health, vitamin D would appear close to the top.   Beneath that simple name, however, lies some unexpected complexity. There are, in fact, five types of vitamin D, called, as you might expect, vitamins D1 to D5. They’re a group of related but distinct natural … Continued

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How to Increase Vitamin D Levels Quickly

  If you want to know how to increase vitamin D levels quickly, you have probably been told it is essential for your wellbeing or that you have a deficiency. Keep reading to learn more about vitamin D and why it is so important for your health.   What is Vitamin D? One of the … Continued

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How To Prevent Injuries To Your Body

  The worst workout is the one that gets you injured. Down-time from injuries can completely kill your momentum, leave you in pain, and have you backtracking when you get back to exercise. Preventing injuries is an underrated way of saving yourself these hassles and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Today, we’re … Continued

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Fit for Autumn: A Fresh Start for Your Fitness?

  Summer is over, Autumn is kicking in, and many of us are back to reality with cooler days and longer nights. Getting fit for Autumn might be your way to get back into shape after a busy summer, kick off the new uni year, or really commit to changing your life now. Today, we’re … Continued

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What Is Recomping & How Do You Recomp?

  Recompositioning is the term that we use to describe the simultaneous loss of fat and building of muscle or strength. This is almost mythical because it offers both of the best benefits of training at once. There are even people out there who don’t think it exists. Fortunately, it does and today we are … Continued

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Gaining Weight or Losing Weight?

As a beginner with exercise, should I gain or lose weight? Do I worry about strength – or does that just get me fat? Should I focus on endurance and burning fat? It can be bewildering. These are not only some of the most confusing questions beginners to exercise have – but also some of … Continued

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25 Benefits of Moving Everyday

The real challenge of fitness? Fitting it into daily life. There’s a lot of resistance to giving up a few hours of the day to get into a gym. But what if you spread it out – move everyday – instead of worrying about long, structured workouts? Today we’re looking at what moving every day … Continued

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How To Stay Fit With A Desk Job? 8 Quick & Easy Methods

On average, we’re not very good at keeping fit in the modern age. It’s understandable: you’re busy, you work a desk job, and by the time you get home the only marathon you want to run is the TV-show kind. Fitness can be an uphill struggle when you’re seated all day. Today, we’re going to … Continued

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Life During The COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic we’ve had to adapt to the new ways of living, and have adjusted how we spend our leisure time, our routines and habits as a result. But just how have our lives changed and do we intend to keep up with any of our new-found habits after the pandemic when life returns … Continued

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