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Life During The COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic we’ve had to adapt to the new ways of living, and have adjusted how we spend our leisure time, our routines and habits as a result. But just how have our lives changed and do we intend to keep up with any of our new-found habits after the pandemic when life returns … Continued

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Do I Have a Thyroid Problem?

Among common health complaints, issues with the thyroid can be difficult to identify. The symptoms are subtle and easily confused with other ailments. In fact, it’s easy to write off many of the warning signs as side effects of a busy life in the 21st Century.

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Can a change of diet help the menopause?

Many women await this transition in their lives with fear and trepidation as to what will be happening to their bodies, and even their minds. Women cannot avoid this when natural menstrual cycles are ceased, but the symptoms and effects can vary considerably.

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The Benefits of Reducing Your Meat Intake

In years gone by, it was thought that regularly eating a diet of meat, potatoes and vegetables was a good way of achieving this balance. But now, new research shows that eating meat, especially red or processed meat, can lead to chronic health conditions.

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What To Eat Before You Workout

Whether you work out in the morning before you head off to work, or you enjoy an evening session with a class full of likeminded people, your pre workout nutrition is key.

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Vegetarian – Summer BBQ

As a vegetarian, however, these lovely summer occasions are very often something to cheer, but can also be something to fear. Our carnivore colleagues have no problem slapping beef burgers and pork sausages on the BBQ to get things going.

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What to Eat Before the Daily Commute to Work

Many of us are up at the crack of dawn ready for the commute to work. Whether the kids have got us up before the alarm or we just continue the habitual routine of stomping downstairs like something out of ‘The Walking Dead’; either way, like the characters from the box office hit, we are usually in search for something to eat.

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Do You Know Your Prebiotics from Your Probiotics?

For many years now, ‘probiotic’ has been a common word seen in health food stores. But now, the word prebiotic is being used, and we’ve all got confused. So, what’s the difference, why do we need them and how do we get both into our diet?

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